Bedroom Lights

The Best Bedroom Lights

A well-lit bedroom can create a cozy and inviting atmosphere while also serving functional purposes.

Choosing the right type of bedroom lights can make a significant difference in the ambiance and functionality of your bedroom.

In this blog, we will explore the best types of bedroom lights, where to buy them, what to expect to spend, the types of lights available, and their expected lifespan.

Ambient Lighting

When it comes to bedroom lights, there are several popular options to consider. One popular type is ambient lighting, which provides overall illumination to the entire room.

Ceiling-mounted fixtures, such as flush mount or semi-flush mount lights, are common choices for ambient lighting in bedrooms.

They are widely available at local home improvement stores, lighting specialty stores, and online retailers. Popular brands to consider include Philips, GE, and Kichler, among others.

Task Lighting

Another popular type of bedroom lights is task lighting, which is designed to provide focused illumination for specific tasks, such as reading, working on a desk, or getting ready in the morning.

Table lamps, floor lamps, and wall-mounted sconces are popular options for task lighting in bedrooms.

These can be found at various retailers, including furniture stores, lighting stores, and online marketplaces like Amazon or Wayfair.

Brands like Ikea, West Elm, and Crate & Barrel offer stylish and functional task lighting options for bedrooms.

Accent Lighting

Accent lighting is another type of bedroom lighting that can add a touch of elegance and ambiance to the room.

This type of lighting is used to highlight specific features, such as artwork, decorative elements, or architectural details.

LED strip lights, wall-mounted spotlights, or picture lights are common choices for accent lighting in bedrooms.

These can be found at lighting specialty stores, home improvement stores, or online retailers that offer specialty lighting options.


When it comes to costs, the price range for bedroom lights can vary significantly depending on the type, design, brand, and quality of the lights.

On average, you can expect to spend anywhere from $50 to $500 or more for a single bedroom light fixture, depending on your preferences and budget.

Table lamps and floor lamps tend to be more affordable, while ceiling-mounted fixtures and specialty lighting options may be more expensive.


In terms of lifespan, the expected longevity of bedroom lights depends on the type of bulbs used and the quality of the fixtures.

Incandescent bulbs tend to have a shorter lifespan of around 1,000 to 2,000 hours, while LED bulbs can last up to 25,000 hours or more.

High-quality fixtures made of durable materials, such as metal or glass, can last for many years with proper care and maintenance.

Stores to Shop

When it comes to where to buy bedroom lights, there are various options to consider.

Local home improvement stores like Home Depot, Lowe’s, or Menards offer a wide selection of bedroom lights, including ambient, task, and accent lighting options.

Lighting specialty stores, both brick-and-mortar and online, offer a broader range of styles, designs, and brands to choose from.

Online marketplaces like Amazon, Wayfair, and Lumens also provide a vast selection of bedroom lights, along with customer reviews and ratings for easy comparison.

In conclusion

The right type of bedroom lights can enhance the ambiance and functionality of your bedroom.

Ambient, task, and accent lighting options are popular choices, and they can be found at various retailers, including home improvement stores, lighting specialty stores, and online marketplaces.

Costs for bedroom lights can vary, and the expected lifespan depends on the type of bulbs and quality of fixtures.

With careful consideration of your preferences, budget, and quality, you can find the perfect bedroom lights to illuminate your space and create a cozy, inviting atmosphere for rest and relaxation